Inflatable Movie Screen and Projector

Inflatable Movie Screen ProjectorBig Screen Hire is a full-service inflatable movie screen projector and AV rental company based in Sydney, Australia. Our goal is to assist customers produce successful events with prime technology and exceeding customer service. Big Screen Hire offer a variety of technical expertise and equipment for trade shows, conferences and birthdays and weddings, whatever and wherever your next crucial event may be.

Big Screen Hire is leaders in outdoor entertainment and outdoor promotion and has been for a number of years. Our team of Event Experts will provide advice, suggestions and a realistic quote ensuring your event will be a success.

Equipment includes

  • * Inflatable Movie Screen Projector
  • * Outdoor cinema
  • * Drive-in Movies
  • * Festivals and events
  • * Outdoor advertising
  • * Corporate events
  • * Sporting events
  • * Screen Rental
  • * AV Hire
Inflatable Movie Screen and Projector

Big Screen Hire provides the following screen options for rental

  • Inflatable screen for outdoor movies
  • Tripod Screen
  • Portable projector screen (fast fold screen)
  • LED display
  • Screen and projector
  • LED sign
  • Rear projection screen
  • Plasma screen
  • Motorized Screen
  • Touch screen

Big Screen Hire provides a range of services to Inflatable Movie Screen and Projector. For more than years Big Screen Hire has been specializing in offering inflatable movie screen and projector equipment and technical services for live functions and events. From modest beginnings, the company has grown into among the leaders in the Sydney Australia entertainment industry.

The growth of Big Screen Hire and the success of the business can be assigned to concentrating on the specific inflatable movie screen and projector for outdoor movie and signs equipment requirements and demands of our customers as well as trends in the growing industry, thus seeing steady work and keeping ourselves on the head of the most recent technologies.

Big Screen Hire also opted for ownership of Inflatable Movie Screen and Projector equipment, instead of relying on and renting from other providers, which has constituted a formidable player with a firm position in the live event industry and market place.

Big Screen Hire: Inflatable Movie Screen and Projector

Since its inception, Big Screen Hire has altered from a concern run by the owner and assistant into a provider of sustainable profit for a significant staff compliment, most of whom are utilised from areas and backgrounds.

The foundation of Big Screen Hire is in strong business rules and ethics and we pride ourselves in integrity, honesty and service.

Seeking fresh innovative ideas for your event? Contact Big Screen Hire today. The Big Screen team would be more than pleased to meet and cater you with some advice on how to bring in your event not only stimulating but memorable!