LED Screen Hire

LED screen

Make a BIG impact with Big Screen Hire’s LED Screen Hire units. Our large format video screens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and have been used at a number of events ranging from concerts, large scale sporting fixtures such as the IPL, and most recently at World Youth Day.

All LED screen hire units are custom built and can fit into any space creating flexibility for event organisers. All screens have the capacity to not only show live video coverage, but also all forms of TV style advertisements, guaranteeing affective advertising for event sponsors. Using an LED display screen is a cost affective way to attract attention quickly, entertain large crowds at a small cost per head and convey advertising messages in a direct and clear way to a specific audience.

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  • Optimal Viewing angles
  • Sharp clear image
  • High Visibility
  • Flicker free image
  • Brighter than the competition
  • Cheaper than inflatable projection cubes
  • Larger than inflatable projection cubes
  • Easier set-up than inflatable cubes
LED SCREEN HIRE is perfect for:
  • Corporate buildings and complexes
  • Product launches
  • Roadside advertising
  • Festivals
  • Arena Events
  • Sporting events
  • Live sites
  • Fairs

Big Screen Hire’s indoor LED screens enhance the awareness of your products by making close direct contact with your customer. The indoor LED screen is best used at the following venues and events.

  • Shopping Centres
  • Airports
  • Railway Stations
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibitions
  • Community Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Company Foyers

You will be provided with a complete installation service, including professional on-site training of our easy to use software. You will now have the ability to change your message at the push of a button.

Promotional concepts include advertising, brand and product launches, company announcements, news feeds, sale pricing and discounts and weather updates. You will also have the capacity to broadcast the same message to a number of locations from a central control point allowing for efficient mass advertising. This will save your business time and money.


LED screen

Outdoor LED screens from Big Screen Hire are durable, reliable, rugged and weatherproof. They range in size from 6 square meters up to a massive 40 square meters. This provides much more scope than that of smaller inflatable projection cubes at a much more affordable price.

Our range of outdoor LED screens have been used at events including World Youth Day, The Australian Grand Prix, The IPL cricket series in India, The Gold Coast Indy and community festivals for large councils across Australia.

You will notice the big impact your outdoor LED Screen will have at your next event and the amount of people that stop to look at it. It will be the centre feature at your event providing you with the perfect medium to telecast all the day’s events, sponsorship information and any special announcements.