LED Video Screens Rear Projection

LED Video Screens Rear ProjectionBig Screen Hire incorporates the cutting-edge innovations in LED Video Screens Projection to make our systems among the fullest available.

Front screens and LED Video Screens Rear Projection are among Big Screen Hire product line. The Big Screen Hire is an Australian specialises in ameliorating AV solutions, multi- video processor performance, and video screens output, clarity and cinema screen appearance.
Clients in churches, schools, sports bar have come to recommend LED Video Screens Rear Projection as desired solutions.

Big Screen Hire provides a unique blend of LED Video Screens Rear Projection technology, plasma screen sales, consulting services and split screen technology.

Rear projection creates a more professional cleaner set-up, especially for corporate events and is often required by meetings and event clients. Rear projection is also beneficial in that it provides more room at the front of the screen to cater for a larger audience.