Portable Outdoor Movie Screens

Portable Outdoor Movie Screens

Big Screen Hire provides Portable Outdoor Movie Screens in costumised dimensions. Engineered for quick set up and competitive monetary value, our high quality inflatable screen solution is acknowledged globally.

Portable Outdoor Movie Screens Services

We operate on high brightness digital cinema and high definition (HD) projectors with quality lumens of brightness, and offer rear projection services. Big Screen Hire pioneered the practise of cinema sound in open air environments. We come across with the challenge of rendering cinema quality sound outdoors employing state of the art line array speaker systems and awesome processing equipment.

No two outdoor movie events are identical. All Big Screen Hire’ customers receive a custom portable outdoor movie screens solution that understands their vision and copes with their needs. Our staff will consult, design and perform a complete outdoor projection, screen and sound solution for your live event or production.

At Big Screen Hire, our goal is nothing less than the everlasting satisfaction of every client and member of your audience. Our hands-on, full-service answer for your Outdoor Movie event or production is designed to render the kind of audience experience that will exhilarate.

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