Big Screen Hire – Outdoor Screen Solutions

Big Screen Hire specialise in a full range of mobile outdoor screen event solutions. Our outdoor screen engineers have years of experience having formulated all kinds for led solutions and outdoor movie environments which includes message boards, graphic panels, time, temperature displays, scoreboard modules, and total color video projection screens and even led outdoor screen light figurines.

Over the last six years we have installed outdoor screen displays into numerous locations like shops, shopping centers, corporate offices, facilities, call centers, government buildings, transport links, stadiums and arenas.

Partner With One of Australia’s Leading Outdoor Screen and LED Screen Installation Companies

Big Screen Hire provide an outdoor screen rental service that caters to both large corporate organisations and community groups alike. Whether you require a large mobile outdoor led screen hire solution or a outdoor movie inflatable screen we have got you covered. Our passion and advantage is the technology that goes into our big screen technology. You are guaranteed to be provided with a screen that engages your audience and is manned by a team of experienced professionals that will ensure your event will be a memorable one.

Get your own outdoor screen video theater

These types of white movie outdoor screens are perfect for showing movies and move shows outdoors. Outdoor display screen include fittings, optionally available white tarp, and ball ties for constructing your very own outdoor screens theater. Tubing is not really include due to high delivery costs but can be obtained. Individual fittings and tarps can be purchased if you desire to build a custom size outdoor big screen.