Projector and screen rental

Whether you’re getting one of our expert class projection displays or making your own high-end home theatre film screen, silver screen rental can assist. We provide per – made projector displays, projector display items within the back and front – projection, edges, and body videos.

Projector and screen rental


Projector and screen rental Sydney

Rear projection is a technique by which specific situation the picture is forecasted upon the display from right behind, together with the look being switched to show a clear vibrant picture to the group at the top of the display.

We’re providing you the entire very finest in Projection displays parts and projector screen edges. Equivalent to products used our products are only what you would have to build a home entertainment system capable of achieving your satisfaction needs!

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The price head in the projection displays materials business along with the greatest assortment of products, large screen hire has additionally developed in to a particular of the leading screen material businesses in the nation nowadays with supply capacities throughout the world.

Projector and screen rental


Everything is sold by us required to improve your living areas directly into a theatre meant for satisfaction, from projection screen items and body videos and screen adhesive. Pride is taken by our own team of experts in supplying you using the best – quality products and personal support, regardless of whether you are buying coming from our on line list or seeing us in man.