Quality Screen Hire and equipment for Your Outdoor Movie Night

Insufficient advice could see you as the event organizer choosing a screen, sound system or projector that is the wrong size in comparison to your audience. Spending more money than what is required is another common mistake made by organizers that have not conducted this type of event previously. Either way both scenarios can be avoided by planning your event objectives with Big Screen Hire, the experts in outdoor entertainment.

Big Screen Hire take the time to talk to each client individually about their screen hire needs which will vary depending on a number of key factors. These include; audience size, type of event, material to be displayed, location constraints and budget. Big Screen Hire’s event experts will review all of these areas and provide you with a recommendation that will ensure your event is a success.

To assist Big Screen Hire to provide a fast quote, advice, or recommendation on your screen hire and equipment needs there are a number of areas you will need to check off first these include:

  • Knowing the size of the event area including screen location and audience seating
  • Determining an accurate number of people you believe will attend the event
  • Knowing your budget and
  • Gaining approval to use the designated area.

Event organizers can decide if they would like to hire the equipment and utilize their own staff to run their outdoor movie event or ask Big Screen Hire to provide the equipment and staff to run the event. Both options are possible through Big Screen Hire but you should ensure that your staff are skilled in outdoor entertainment before taking on the set up and pack down yourself.