Outdoor Movie Sydney, Australia

Outdoor Movie Sydney, Australia

Big Screen Hire specialize in extra large outdoor movie and outdoor audio-visual events. Powerful projectors, audio system and huge inflatable projection screens are gear up to function for your event.

Outdoor Movie here in Sydney, Australia is making a comeback! Big Screen Hire outdoor movie can be tailored to accommodate any location, audience at any time of the year. Using an inflatable projection screens and audio system, movie goers simply advertised on the screen and checks the movie. Outdoor movies are cheaper to run as they ask no bombastic audio equipment, have light set-up and bump-out times and consequently need less crew.

Big Screen Hire is dedicated to keeping up the most eminent level of quality and customer satisfaction. We function as a team with the customer, from conception to completion, to attain the highest level of success for each and every outdoor event.

To render the top-grade audio/visual experience for the entire audience, boasting the “WOW” factor every now-and-then.

Big Screen Hire was made with the thought of blowing up the cinematic experience from a bounded audience in a theater to a nearly unlimited audience anywhere while focusing mainly in extreme-service outdoor movie coverings and film festival services. Big Screen Hire also has the capability of showing any type of digital media from our high-powered digital LCD projectors. Different media illustrations include corporate PowerPoint presentations, pictures, video games, intelligent lighting, and live video feeds. Big Screen Hire inflatable screens are available in many sizes. We also feature some of the best outdoor sound equipment in Sydney, Australia with an available surround sound system! The coverings with our equipment are a lot; the corporate knowledge of our professional staff is invaluable!