Outdoor Movie Fundraising

Outdoor movie fundraisingMovies under the stars are ideal for any group who are looking to fundraiser for their cause. Whether it be for a charity, school or church outdoor movie nights with Big Screen Hire make fundraising not only easy but enjoyable for both organiser and guest.

Big Screen Hire ensure all the technical aspects of the night are taken care of so you as an organiser can concentrate on your main objective – raising funds. There is no need to worry about the screen, sound equipment, safety requirements and movie licensing because Big Screen Hire will ensure all these items are managed and documented for your review. Big Screen Hire can even help provide advice on how to raise funds, market your event and what movie to select.

Unlike most fundraising events where you will need to spend months organising and planning outdoor movie fundraisers can be put together in a short period of time. Pulling an audience is rarely difficult when the night is supporting a good cause and there is little financial pressure on the guest. In fact most of the time guests can end up spending less than if they had visited the local cinema. Different from most fundraising nights, right??

Sponsorship for outdoor movie fundraiser is also simple with the Big Screen. Sponsors will be pumped seeing their brand or promo on a huge screen when there is a captive audience watching. You as the organiser can name your price! Secondly the event lends itself to sampling opportunities which is always a plus for sponsors.

Communicating to your audience about the work that has or will be done is also a major advantage of a night with a big screen. When else would you get the opportunity to talk directly to hundreds if not thousands of your supporters all in one go? This could see a big screen save you money in getting your message out to your target audience.

We carry the largest range of inflatable outdoor movie screen screens in Australia. This allows us to provide the right screen for your audience size. This flexibility allows Big Screen Hire to tailor the perfect outdoor movie package for your event.