The Outdoor Movie screens from Big Screen Hire are the perfect way to create unique, unforgettable outdoor movie and entertainment events.

We specialize in the creation of professional Outdoor Movies and are the industry leader in the production and distribution of inflatable screen technology.

These large format screens come in a variety of sizes and formats to suit your event and production needs. Your inflatable screen will create enormous flexibility and “wow” factor at your next event. Using one of these units from Big Screen Hire allows you to confidently create a lot of impact very quickly transforming a bare field or oval into a large-scale professional event site, very quickly.

The Outdoor Movie Screens are perfect for a number of applications including:

  • Outdoor movies Product Launch
  • Outdoor movie fundraising Conferences
  • Outdoor advertising Event Expos
  • Festivals Sporting telecasts
  • Outdoor Events Corporate Events
  • Christmas Carols Arena Events
  • Live site Multimedia Production

Quick Set-Up and Removal

Creating a big outdoor event from scratch has never been simpler. Our screens are easy to transport and can be set up very quickly using a portable, high-powered electric blower. The unique design allows for immediate deflation and removal. The inflatable air screen once deflated at your event will be quickly rolled up allowing for easy removal, transport and storage.

BENEFITS of the Inflatable screen

  • A variety of screen sizes to suit your location and budget.
  • Guaranteed to pull a crowd.
  • Can be used to create an amazing outdoor event within an hour.
  • Transforms a bare field or oval into a professional looking event instantly creating a strong cost/benefit value for event managers.
  • The Inflatable air screen can be used to create community events that appeal to a wide variety of age groups such as outdoor cinema and school fundraising.
  • Can inflate and deflate in a matter of seconds.
  • Cost efficient compact and light weight. Easy storage.
  • The inflatable air screen needs no structural permits needed due to mobile nature and fast set-up and removal.
  • Much more cost effective than installing a scaffolding structure to mount a screen.
  • Cheaper yet a much more precise picture quality than LED screens.
  • The inflatable air screen can be used on a variety of surfaces and can withstand strong winds up to 25 MPH.
  • The inflatable screen utilizes high performance features that allow it to set the industry standard

Technical Specifications

  • Attractive theatrical grade screen surface and reinforced heavy duty PVC material.
  • Our inflatable air screen sets the standard in industry pricing and performance.
  • Blower maintains constant pressure for perfect presentation.
  • Simple set-up and take down.
  • Bungee system provides durability and performance in extreme weather conditions.
  • Excellent quality design and production created via customer feedback and our own in house testing
  • Ease of use
  • Lighter than many other inflatable air screens, yet offering greater strength and stability
  • Professional front or rear projection screen surfaces that can be easily interchanged.

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