Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals

Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals

Outdoor movie events establish community and are groovy for city & county events, sponsor tours, parks departments, golf courses, movies in the park, country clubs, corporate events, chambers of commerce, festivals, themed events, company parties, college tours and events, family entertainment, graduation parties, back-to-school nights and more. So why not inquire for an Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals at Big Screen Hire and schedule your outdoor summer movie event now.

Drive-In Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals

If your affair is the old school drive-in, Big Screen Hire has you covered. We provide giant outdoor inflatable screens and broadcast the audio on a radio frequency that can be gathered up by each car in the audience.

Outdoor Cinema Equipment Sales

Big Screen Hire offer Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals and sell complete outdoor cinema equipment packages. Each arrangement is configured specifically for your demands. Packages are forked out ready to use and include projection, inflatable screen, sound and all of the essential elements. Please contact Big Screen Hire for a price quote for your own outdoor cinema system.

Why Choose Big Screen Hire Events for Your Outdoor Cinema Event?

Big Screen Hire Events specializes in Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals services. We’re fun and comfortable to work with and our goal is bringing in your event a success! We have produced many of outdoor cinema events for happy customers throughout Australia. Contact Big Screen Hire now to find out how easy it is to have your own open air movie event.