Outdoor Movie Screen Rental – Perfect for Intimate and Wide-scaled Gatherings


Outdoor Movie Screen Rental

Outdoor movie screenings are very nice ideas for fundraising projects and for simple community events. All you need is a good big screen, a good audio system and some facilitators during the screening. Big Screen Hire specializes in outdoor movie screen rental services that will surely level up your outdoor movie experience be it a simple small-scaled activity or a community-wide one.

Our large format screens are of high quality and are very flexible. If you avail of our outdoor movie screen rental service, we are sure you and your audience will be spectacled by the clear sharp visual and crisp clear audio quality. We guarantee a high quality entertainment unmatched by any other big screen provider!

Outdoor movie screenings are very promising income generating projects for your charity events. They require little preparation and only require equipment suitable to the area and expected crowd number. It attracts a large audience immediately especially if the choice of movies is great and the audio-video technology used is of high quality. It adds up to a more enjoyable and entertaining outdoor movie experience. We can also offer to assist you if ever you are planning on a fundraising charity event through an outdoor movie screening.

Our Big Screen Hire team is composed of technicians and event experts that have substantial experience on setting up audio-video equipment for different kinds of events including planning and cooperating with the clients from pre-production to post-production. We deal with customers professionally and we value your suggestions highly, you will find out that we are actually enjoyable to work with.

Our equipment is also very flexible and compatible to any type of specification. We have inflatable screens available for hire which also comes in different sizes to fit your budget and allotted area, it is also very easy to install and remove, not to mention lighter, more compact and cheaper than an actual LED screen yet it still produces the same quality with that of a LED screen rental. It can also withstand windy days and is very appealing to audience especially from the younger age group.

Outdoor movie screenings are very unique ways to enjoy movies with friends. Enjoy and relax in a natural ambience while being entertained with a clear sharp movie experience. Feel free to gasp, cry and be carried away with the movie without feeling guilty, everyone will do the same too!

Big Screen Hire offers outdoor movie screen rental services in and around Sydney. Feel free to contact us through our number or through this page and talk with one of our friendly staff about any enquiries that you might have. So the next time you are planning to put up an outdoor movie screening, be sure Big Screen Hire will be there to give you the ultimate movie experience you never had!