Outdoor LED Advertising Signs

Outdoor LED Advertising SignsBig Screen Hire is an all Australian company that specialises in a number of areas including outdoor cinema, Drive-in Movies, Festivals and events, Outdoor advertising, corporate events, Sporting events, Screen Rental, AV Hire and Outdoor LED Advertising Signs Systems.

Big Screen Hire specialises in custom designing and building high quality Outdoor LED Advertising Signs products to its customers’ exact specifications, seeing that the outcome is exactly what is postulated to create the uttermost visual touch on, together with forceful and precise communication at very affordable prices.

Big Screen Hire, providing the following Outdoor LED Advertising Signs options for rental:

LED Screen – All LED screen units are custom built and can fit into any space creating flexibility for event organisers. All screens have the capacity to not only show live video coverage, but also all forms of TV style advertisements, guaranteeing affective advertising for event sponsors. Using an LED display screen is a cost affective way to attract attention quickly, entertain large crowds at a small cost per head and convey advertising messages in a direct and clear way to a specific audience.

Outdoor LED Sign – If you occupy a busy roadside retail location, an LED sign solution from Big Screen Hire is the perfect sales generation medium. As an event organiser you will be able to utilise this LED sign technology to promote your public event and showcase supporting sponsors. Having access to a medium that broadcasts specific colour messages is invaluable for these type of events and sporting fixtures.