Outdoor LED Sign

Outdoor LED signAn outdoor LED sign is a perfect way to engage customers, especially at roadside locations. Big Screen Hire provide a range of signs that deliver bright visible colour messages that are visible both day and night.

If you occupy a busy roadside retail location, an LED sign solution from Big Screen Hire is the perfect sales generation medium. As an event organiser you will be able to utilise this LED sign technology to promote your public event and showcase supporting sponsors. Having access to a medium that broadcasts specific colour messages is invaluable for these type of events and sporting fixtures.

You have the capacity to program an unlimited amount of targeted sales messages into the unit, allowing you to have a full time sales person working for you 24/7, taking full advantage of the traffic passing by your place of business or event location.

Outdoor LED sign hire is a cost efficient way to create attention, engage and also educate your potential customer base. Your LED sign will be full colour, rather than the basic black/orange applications that have been used previously with less effect. This means a more engaging message, leading to more sales and larger crowds.

We provide a range of short and long-term hire options for our range of signage units

Signs come in the two sizes:
  • 0.975m x 1.3m
  • 1.45m x 1.95m

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