Sporting Telecasts

There is nothing better than watching the Big Game on the biggest screen you can find! Big Screen Hire enables pubs, bars, community groups, businesses or anyone that loves their sport to bring the game to the location of their choice with our huge inflatable screens.

Big Screen Hire has a large number of screens to choose from including large outdoor inflatable movie and LED screens down to your high definition plasma screens. Choose the screen that best suits your sporting event and we will deliver, setup and remove at the end of the event. All you need to do is invite the crowd.

Attract a huge audience

Outdoor Sporting Telecasts are a great idea for attracting huge audiences which is always a winner for sponsors trying to get their brand noticed. Big Screen Hire specialises in outdoor screens and can setup almost anywhere and with most jobs in less than 3 hours. Our equipment is high quality but very simple to setup ensuring less time that you need to book a site for or quadroon off areas from patrons.

High quality equipment

High Quality streaming equipment is also required for outdoor sporting telecast which is another reason to work with Big Screen Hire. There is nothing worse for the crowd than a bad picture when they are trying to support their team.

Keeping the cost down is always important with these types of events and Big Screen Hire’s large selection of Screens, AV and equipment will ensure we have the package that works for your budget.