Product Launch Billboard

Product launchTrying to get the attention of consumers these days is hard work with the amount of advertising each person experiences each day. Sometimes you just need something huge to grab their attention. That is where Big Screen Hire can help! We specialise in being big and bold, ensuring your audience can’t miss your product or service.

Whether you are planning a product launch on a busy street, in a shopping centre, on a beach, the top of a building or just inside your place of business, Big Screen Hire have the right screen for you. Everything from large inflatable screens and LED Screens to plasma TV’s are available along with sound equipment, lighting, and our Event Experts who are highly experienced to not only ensure you have a great setup but to provide advice when and where needed.

Cost is always a major factor when planning a Product Launch and is one of the reasons why Big Screen Hire gets so many calls. We have screens, AV and equipment that work with every organisations budget and most of our setup can be done in a few hours not days like some screens.

Community Groups

Big Screen Hire enjoys working with charitable groups and councils trying to educate the community on important issues. Over the years we have helped many groups not only get their message promoted but helped them raise much needed funds all within their designated budget.

You Need to be Innovative

Being innovative is also extremely important if you want to grab your target audience’s attention. Big Screen Hire have some great ideas that we are happy to share, after all we are only successful when you are.