Festival Big Screens

FestivalsNeed a major attraction or centre piece for your festival? Big Screen Hire can help. Our Big Inflatable screens are a fantastic way to ensure your audience is entertained at all times and your sponsors are well promoted.

The Big Screen can be used for many different purposes and activities and only limited by your imagination. To play movies, provide an instant backdrop for the band or entertainment and promote your sponsors logos or promotional DVD’s, it is all possible on the Big Screen.

Great for Advertising

During the day the screen can be used as a billboard by attaching banners. Plus the powerful sound system, which can be hired as a package, can be used to play music and promote upcoming events.

Big Screen Hire’s Event Experts are happy to brainstorm your event by lending their advice towards site layout, safety essentials, licensing requirements, equipment required and anything else you are not 100% on. Our team is here to help ensure your event is a success after all that is the only way we can measure our own performance.