Movie Selection and Licensing

Respecting copyright laws towards film usage when running an outdoor cinema event is extremely import. Playing films without receiving the rights from the movie distributer can see your organisation not only having to pay a large fine but possibly in trouble with the law. This may sound stressful but when working with Big Screen Hire we will ensure once you have selected your film that all licensing requirements are adhered too.

Selecting the right film for your event is very important and will impact the audience size and demographic. When considering what film to play you need to think about the following important facts:

  1. What age group will be attending the film
  2. Is this a fun community night or is the film / documentary trying to get a point across
  3. Are their any religious constraints
  4. Is the film out on DVD (in most cases films currently at the movies will not be available)

In most cases it is very difficult to play a film with a MA+ rating and above in a public community environment unless it is well promoted ensuring restrictions are placed on youth from attending the event.

Big Screen Hire’s Event Experts can assist in suggesting which films will be best your event. If you would like to do your own research we suggest looking at “The Internet Movie Database” website which has a huge selection of films and provides very useful information on almost every mainstream film in existence. The other great feature on this website is the “Parental Guide” this feature provides you with a breakdown of any and all risky scenes that may not be appropriate for your event.

The great thing about working with Big Screen Hire is we are able to inform you promptly regarding whether you can or can not get the rights to the film which saves you a huge amount of time. 90% of films will allow licensing towards an outdoor cinema event but there are the odd few that for a number of reasons can not be played.

Licensing a film is an extra cost when putting on an Outdoor Cinema event and can typically cost between $80 – $600 depending on the film and the use. If the admission is free for the audience you will simply need to pay the one off cost to licence the film but if you intend to sell tickets the licensing rules change. Distributers will typically take between 40% – 70% (depending on audience size) of the ticket price to cover the cost of licensing up to a designated amount. Contact Big Screen Hire for more information surrounding ticket sales.