Spice Up Your Events with A LED Screen Rental

LED screen rental

Event productions are very useful during festivals, sports fests, and community celebrations or even for charity raising projects. Live events help crowds gather and have fun together and it unites people with similar backgrounds or field of interests. Our company, Big Screen Hire will spice up your events with our LED screen rental service. We’ll help you make your event a successful and a much anticipated gathering for the years to come with our high technology and state of the art big LED screens.

Our expertise is providing sharp quality LED screen rental services all around Sydney. Be it a big or small outdoor event, we can provide a wide array of screens, projectors and audio equipment which will make your event or presentation a great success!

A LED screen is very important especially on outdoor events because in the outdoors, people may not see the onstage performance especially if they are situated from afar. With a big screen, everyone can see a close-up view of the performance going on stage; in that way, the audience is kept entertained and would be more responsive to the ongoing show. LED screens can also be useful for advertisements, reminders and other sponsored plug-ins. The benefit of a LED screen rental is that you can produce a live feed from the performance onstage while also being able to insert computer-generated text and graphics.

So why choose us?

Big Screen Hire is more than setting up audio-visual equipment for your event production needs, we are also composed of dynamic individuals that can help you plan, organize and execute a successful outdoor event you always wanted! Be confident that our team is very enjoyable to work with because we at Big Screen Hire are all friendly professionals who put customer service as our utmost concern.

If you are worrying that broad daylight and bad weather conditions may forfeit the use of our LED screens, have no fear for we could guarantee you that all our screens for hire and every other equipment can withstand rain and can be adjusted to suit outdoor events during broad daylight. Leave all that worry to us!

Our crew and personnel are also experienced technicians who have already travelled in and around Sydney to put up our services. So rest assured that our services and LED screen rentals are proven and tested throughout Sydney and we assure you that our past clients were more than satisfied of the service we provided.

Moreover, we only make use of reputable brands of audio-video technology equipment. We only want to bring names that are trusted in the industry for such equipment also reflects the type of service we will give you.

If you are planning on an outdoor event, be it a community raising project, a concert for a cause or just a simple highschool batch reunion and you think you might have a need for a big screen projection and live feed, then call on Big Screen Hire for your LED screen rental service. We make sure your event will be most successful in our hands.