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LED Big Screens

LED big screens displays employ the purest red, green and blue LED in unique pixel arrangements that can be configured in virtually any shape or size display. Advanced image processing capabilities can generate trillions of brilliantly illuminated colors.

LED big screens resolutions

Longer viewing distances, typically for outdoor applications, stadiums and large indoor arenas, are ideal for our several designs of LED big screens. Their unfailing brightness and clarity demand attention, even in an outdoor world of distractions and ambient light.

LED big screens experts provide expert guidance and supervision from the earliest planning stages through full scale implementation, including support services down the road.

LED video screen and LED big screens solutions command the world’s stage

Only Big Screen Hire delivers a fully integrated LED solution to bring your vision to life on the big screen.

An unrivaled combination of design and integration expertise

High quality core professional for video and audio system technologies, experienced professionals will make it all happen. You can’t miss our LED big screens at premier sporting events, world class entertainment venues, and on broadcast and cable channels around the world, delivering revenue-generating commercial and promotional content that’s easy to see.