Inflatable Outdoor Screen Rentals

Inflatable Outdoor Screen RentalsBig Screen Hire a Sydney, Australia based Company know for Inflatable Outdoor Screen Rentals show outdoor movies to the standards that film makers meant their films to be experienced with crisp, bright pictures and amazing sound. We reach this by only utilizing the best equipment available on the market. A Big Screen Hire inflatable outdoor screen rentals experience is like watching a flick in the theaters, except you’re in an open air setting.

Big Screen Hire uses inflatable movie screens in quality wide-screen format. Our inflatable outdoor screen rentals equipment is the industry leader in bringing out high quality inflatable outdoor cinema screens. Big Screen Hire is one of few outdoor cinema companies in Sydney, Australia that uses high quality inflatable screen for all of their shows.

Big Screen Hire take pride in our services and this contemplates positively on our customers. We produced many best outdoor movie events on our inflatable movie screen and equipment, with our customer retention rate being 99%.