Inflatable Movie Screens

Our inflatable movie screen is useful and available to make your next event unforgettable.
Big Screen Hire have been selling inflatable movie screens to colleges and universities , churches, movie companies, inflatable companies and for public use for a quite time now. We sell nothing but the best quality made screens and we will always sell the best.
BENEFITS of the Inflatable screen
  • A variety of screen sizes to suit your location and budget.
  • Guaranteed to pull a crowd.
  • Can be used to create an amazing outdoor event within an hour.
  • Transforms a bare field or oval into a professional looking event instantly creating a strong cost/benefit value for event managers.
  • The Inflatable air screen can be used to create community events that appeal to a wide variety of age groups such as outdoor cinema and school fundraising.
  • Can inflate and deflate in a matter of seconds.
  • Cost efficient, compact and light weight. Easy storage.
  • The inflatable air screen needs no structural permits needed due to mobile nature and fast set-up and removal.
  • Much more cost effective than installing a scaffolding structure to mount a screen.
  • Cheaper yet a much more precise picture quality than LED screens.
  • The inflatable air screen can be used on a variety of surfaces and can withstand strong winds up to 25 MPH.
  • One year warranty if used in normal weather conditions.