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Our inflatable screen hire are useful and readily available to make your next special event terrific.

Big Screen Hire currently have has been offering inflatable movie screens to colleges and universities, churches, movie companies, inflatable providers and for public use for a quite time now. We sell nothing but the best high quality made screens and we definitely will always sell the very best. You actually don’t need to use a expert planner or organizer to help make your functions spectacular; Big Screen Hire will certainly allow you save thousands of money in the particular long term. Now, we can present you with the inflatable movie screens that will change your boring event into a breath taking film practical experience.

Super and Big Inflatable screens hire are genuine theatrical screens as in the actual cinema theaters

That will indicates all of the light hitting the screen displays completely on the surface resulting in the exact same top quality and realistic look you would see in any movie theater. The material is vinyl, so whenever the screen inflates the bungee cords keeping the screen stretch out the vinyl so as not to cause any lines and wrinkles. These screens also have no noticeable seams for a perfect image.