Hire Policy


When making a booking remember that it is first in first served rule and over the summer months, weekend spots will fill up quickly. Once you have paid your deposit towards the event, our services are guaranteed at your event.

Screen Size

The price of hiring an Outdoor Movie Screen can vary greatly according to the size selected. The best way to decide what size screen you will need for your event is to determine or predict the size of the audience. There are some simple rules to follow with this model which are:

  • Up to 200 people = 4m x 2.5m screen
  • 200-400 people = 5m x 3m screen
  • 400-600 people = 6m x 3.5m screen
  • 600-1000 people = 8m x 5m screen
  • 1000+ people = 10m x 6m screen
  • 3000+ people = 12m x 7m screen

As the size of screen increases, so does the cost which also means better sound system and projection equipment.

Other Uses of the Screen

Remember playing films is only one form of entertain that our screen can provide. The Big Screen lends itself to much more than that, including; Xbox competitions, live camera feeds, sponsorship ads, live streaming from another event, watching the big game, rock concerts ,etc. You think about it and the Big Screen will not let you down.


Licensing the film or content that you want to play on the night is very important to avoid any major fines and or lawsuits. Once you have decided what you would like played on the big screen, immediately contact Big Screen Hire and we can help you with the legal requirements of licensing. Fees can range for licensing a film from $150 – $600 depending on usage and the type of film.

Weather Policy

Big Screen Hire always recommends having a backup indoor venue for the event, just in case it rains, however we understand that this is not always possible. You do have the option of cancelling the event but this will need to be communicated to Big Screen Hire by 10am of the day of the event, which will ensure no fee is charged as long as the event is rescheduled to another date. After 10am on the day of the event the full cost will be charged. Big Screen Hire does have the right to cancel the event at any time if the Event Experts feel that existing weather could either damage the equipment, screen and or injure either staff or audience members.


Big Screen Hire recommends that all event organisers looking into their own insurance needs for their event to ensure they have adequate cover. In the event that there is an incident with an audience member with Big Screen Hire’s equipment, screen and or staff, Big Screen Hire is covered by event liability insurance coverage.


A deposit (50%) towards your event is payable 7 days from the date your booking was confirmed in writing, this ensures your selected date is guaranteed. The remaining 50% balance and any other additional charges, will be due 7 days prior to the event date.

Straight Hire

Big Screen Hire does do straight hires of any size of the Big Screens or equipment for those organisations that are equipped to pickup, set up, pack down and return the screens with their own staff. Please do not take this task on if you have never run an event before or dealt with a Big Screen but we are happy to train your staff to set up the Big Screen for a fee.


Big Screen Hire takes full responsibility of its equipment when Big Screen Staff are running your event, except in exceptional circumstances were it can be proven that your staff or volunteers are directly responsible for the damage. Alternatively please understand that if you decide to dry hire any of our equipment and run your own event, then the responsibility of the equipment falls on your shoulders. This includes from pick up until the equipment is returned and checked by our staff.

Safety & OH&S

Big Screen Hire adhere to the highest levels of safety at all times with both Big Screen staff, clients and the general public. Big Screen Hire has OH&S documentation which can be reviewed by any client on request. Providing a safe fun environment for your event is our most important job.


Big Screen Hire always requires a deposit for all and any equipment or staff bookings if you would like them to be guaranteed. A minimum of 50% of the hire cost is required which in most cases is non refundable. This rules does vary for outdoor event hire.