Big Screen Outdoor Cinema Hire

Big Screen Hire was one of the top Big Screen Outdoor Cinema Hire Company in Sydney to the audience. We have gone on and carry a range of high resolution Data Projectors, Big Screen, Plasma panels & Televisions.

Big Screen Hire is one of the premier rental providers of Big Screen Outdoor Cinema Hire and related production services in Sydney, Australia.

We offer a prominent inventory of high brightness Stages, LED screens, and associated services, boasting the highest quality products for both indoor and outdoor events, including the most recent in trailer mounted LED screens.

BENEFITS of the Inflatable screen

* A variety of screen sizes to suit your location and budget.
* Guaranteed to pull a crowd.
* Can be used to create an amazing outdoor event within an hour.
* Transforms a bare field or oval into a professional looking event instantly creating a strong cost/benefit value for event managers.
* The Inflatable air screen can be used to create community events that appeal to a wide variety of age groups such as outdoor cinema and school fundraising.
* Can inflate and deflate in a matter of seconds.
* Cost efficient, compact and light weight. Easy storage.
* The inflatable air screen needs no structural permits needed due to mobile nature and fast set-up and removal.
* Much more cost effective than installing a scaffolding structure to mount a screen.
* Cheaper yet a much more precise picture quality than LED screens.
* The inflatable air screen can be used on a variety of surfaces and can withstand strong winds up to 25 MPH.
* The inflatable screen utilises high performance features that allow it to set the industry standard

With over years of Big Screen Outdoor Cinema Hire industry experience, Big Screen Hire has a reputation for systematically handing over the most eminent quality equipment and services long-familiar throughout the broadcast, corporate, entertainment, sports and special event markets.

Having been postulated with special events, parties and fund raisers Big Screen Hire knows what it go for to make your event a success. We’ll look up with you in profundity to make certain all the boxes are checked off so that the night will be precisely what you want.